Sunday Stroll – Part 1


If you live in Manhattan and want to get to go for a Sunday stroll, the Brooklyn Bridge has been a common destination for such, since its completion in 1883.  If you live in coastal Georgia and want to take a Sunday stroll in the summer you had best hop in your air conditioned car, and head for Hwy 17.

Last Sunday we did just that and the kids thought it was a wonderfully exciting experience.  We covered a little bit of early American history, walked into the smallest church in America, drove down landing strips used by the air force in World War II, captured photos of turkeys, alligators and more at a national refuge, and stopped to check out a buffalo farm.

I decided that Bloodhound could handle this and stayed in the car to take pictures, with my telephoto lens.  The buffalo seemed completed uninterested in my family.  Even from a distance these cow like creatures were quite intimidating.

This brief stop also included the discovery of very small frogs that had just hopped out of drainage-ditch-tadpole-world.

A National Wildlife Refuge that used to be a training facility during World War II for the P-40 Kittyhawk, was our next stop.  Fortunately a large portion of this refuge can be enjoyed from your car.  This was quite a blessing as the heat index was 117F.  At one point though we were coerced out into this sweltering heat by a large mass of birds that were nesting on this man made lake.

The more we walked around the more amazed we were by the number of birds that had taken to this area.  It was like we had landed in a National Geographic documentary.

And we weren’t the only ones enjoying this man made habitat.  The alligators were rather delighted with the arrangement, too.

For them it was like a good ole’ American all-you-can-eat buffet.

And we saw more than one bellying up to the bar.

I’m not sure what a bird has to do to be kicked out of the club, but obviously this one had done it as he was all alone on this stump.

As we were headed out of the refuge Bloodhound spotted some turkeys crossing the road.

And the kids were able to keep their voices down, such that when we reached the point where the turkeys had crossed they were still there, walking through the woods.  She has her eye on me…

And like the buffalo, the turkeys found us to be completely uninteresting.  Or maybe they were on their Sunday stroll and didn’t want humans to disturb it.

Have you ever just hopped in the car with your kids and driven with no destination in mind?  How did it go?

My mother was the queen of strolling.  We did it a lot when I was a kid.  I was amazed at how much my children enjoyed this day and it was a very educational and inexpensive activity.

This post is linked here:  Better in Bulk, McDougall Photography


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