10 Supplies Needed to Survive Power Outage


I was pondering “10 Ways to Survive a Power Ourage,”  a writing challenge from Mama Kat, when it occurred to me that I should ask the kids their thoughts on this issue.  I didn’t give them a lot of time to consider this and I did record their first two comments.  Later, as I went down the line asking each one of them the same question, they wanted to rethink their response, as they suspected I was going to incorporate them into a blog post.

If they had lots of time to consider this, which you rarely do when the power goes out, they may have totally different answers.  But for now…here are their priorities.

My boy, who went trick or treating as a football player, said that he needed two items to endure a loss of electricity.

1.  gas

2.  generator

How’s that for practical?  Evidently, he is going to go right on enjoying the modern conveniences by powering the house on his own.

The oldest daughter, who channeled a Top Gun character this Halloween, declared that she would like to have Vienna Sausages and a flash light while waiting for the lights to come back on.  I suspect that if it were out long enough she would also want a spare batter for her phone.  And I don’t know what to say about the canned meat…

And the medieval princess decided that her top needs would be fulfilled if she had a blanket, a mirror and her dog.  So, evidently she is very self focused and when she gets tired she wants a blanket and a dog to sleep with.

I am a real easy person to keep happy while roughing it…

I’m putting a bottle of dry red wine, chocolate and a well charged kindle in my survival kit.

How about you?

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